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Welcome to Fashion Studio Roma where we have years of experience in providing Roma stage wear clothing to the world of the Romani (gypsy) entertainment industry.
We are the only studio in Europe specializing in custom made Romani (gypsy) style stage clothing. The founder, Wanda Rutowicz is known internationally as a top designer in Romani Fashion.
S t u d i o   M o d y   R o m s k i e j
Fashion Studio ROMA
Our collections have beeen admired and appreciated which is shown through the number of customers increasing by the day on recommendation from our existing customers. The success of Fashion Studio Roma can be attributed to a great extent to its manufacturing capacity from the designing, sourcing, finishing and quality control to each and every aspect of the clothing we supply. The range of our stage clothing lines are based upon unique designs, each in its individual and high quality style and all merchandise are limited edition. Our collections are not only popular in Europe, but they are additionally in huge demand and popular across the globe.
We look forward to fulfilling your requirements and we hope you will enjoy wearing our clothing as much as we enjoy making them.
Wanda Rutowicz / Founder and the owner of Fashion Studio ROMA
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